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Destinations in Magway


Magway is the capital city of Magway Region of Myanmar. Magway Region is the largest of Myanmar’s seven regions, with an area of 17,306 square miles (44,820 km2).The population is about 4464000.Most of the people are Buddhist and some are Christianity and Islam. The major plantation is sesame and over one million acres is put under the crop in this region of Myanmar. Other crops grown are corn, groundnut, sunflower, bean and pulses. There are Thanakha (Limonia acidissima) plantations and produces the variety Shinmataung Thanaka. And then, they produces variety of oil. Magway is a place where oil was first discovered. There are three major oil fields- Yenangyaung Oil Field, Chauk Oil Field and Mann Oil Field in Minbu (Saku).


Min-bu is a town in Magway Region. The area consists of low plain-land towards the Ayeyarwaddy River. It is undulating and rising higher and higher towards the Rakhine hills. .



Mya-Tha-Lun Pagoda

Steaming into Magway, the riverside traveler is greeted by the sight of Mya-tha-lun Pagoda glinting serenely from the summit of the Naguttama Hillock by the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. This Pagoda was first built by demon brothers. After that, the renovation and maintenance passed onto the newer generations.


Na-Ga-Pwek Mountain

This mountain is located in Minbu, central Myanmar. It is a unique geological site. It is called “Nagapwektaung” (Mountain where the Dragon Breathes). Actually, for the scientifically minded, it is an ordinary mud volcano but to the ancient primitive people of the area, this must have been seen as a manifestation of the existence of the fiery dragons (nagar) living deep inside the earth.


Pa-Kokku is a prosperous trading town in central Myanmar. Symbols of prosperity in the conservative towns far from cities like Yangon or Mandalay are not the big cars or big houses but big monasteries and pagodas. There are also some beautiful monasteries built from teak in Pa-kokku.




Sandal Wood Kyaung-Daw-Yar Pagoda

It is located in Pwintbyu Township, Minbu District, Magway Region. It was said that Buddha and five hundred disciples came to Sandalwood Monastery to preach Dhamma to the disciples. In 1640, King Alaungsithu came up on the place while on tour of the nation. He built the Sandalwood Pagoda at the Sandalwood Monastery site.





During the late Bagan Era, Sale developed as the expanding spiral of Bagan’s influence moved southward along the Ayeyarwaddy River.





Shin-Pin-Sar-Gyo-Hla Pagoda

Not too far from the Yoke-e Monastery, there is the Shin-pin-sar-gyo-hla Pagoda, which apparently marks the place where countries waited to welcome King Anawrahta as he returned from Thahton with the complete set of the Buddhist canon, in Myanmar. On the grounds east of the pagoda are a few temples with wonderful old murals painting that are unique because they feature the styles of three different eras : Bagan, Pinya /Inwa and colonical period. The Bagan Era paintings at Shinpinsargyo are exact copies of those found in some of the older temples of Bagan, proving that the Shin-pin-sargyo complex was built during that time.

Shwe-Set-Taw Pagoda

A pair of Buddha’s Footprints are located in Set-taw-yar, a forest retreat at 34 miles from west of Min-bu on the opposite bank of Magway.




Thi-Ho-Shin Pagoda

The Thi-ho-shin Pagoda not far from the river is an old one, but does not show its age as it has been well-maintained over the ages.




Yoke-Sone Monastery

Yoke-Sone-Kyaung (monstery), one of the oldest surviving wooden monasteries is a worth visiting spot.











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