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Myanmar (formerly Burma ) is situated in Southeast Asia sharing borders with Bangladesh and India in the northwest, China in the northeast, Laos in the east and Thailand in the southeast.

The people of Myanmar embrace Theravada Buddhism with firm confidence and conviction since over one thousand years ago. Myanmars take refuge in ' The Three Jewels' , the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Samgha.

What is Buddhism?
Buddhism is the teaching founded by Buddha. Strictly speaking it is not a philosophy.
Who is the Buddha?
The Buddha here means Gotama the Buddha. Gotama is the name of the Buddha's clan. Buddha is the one who has attained Perfect Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Gaya in India. Throughout forty five years of his Buddhahood, he preached many discourses and disciplines diligently for the welfare of all beings regardless of cold, heat, tiredness, weariness and ailment.
What is the Dhamma?
The Dhamma is the Teachings of Buddha. To avoid all evil, to do good and to purify one's mind - this is the advice of all the Buddhas.
What is the Samgha?
The Samhga is the Order of Monk founded by Buddha. They are the most responsible for the promotion and propagation of the Buddha Sasana.
Who is a Buddhist?
A Buddhist is the one who professes to be a follower of Lord Buddha and accepts his doctrine.
The Five Precepts
  • Abstaining from killing any living beings.
  • Abstaining from taking what is not given by the owner.
  • Abstaining from committing sexual misconduct.
  • Abstaining from telling lies.
  • Abstaining from taking any intoxicant or drug that causes forgetfulness.
The observance of the five precepts is the minimum standard needed to form the basis of a decent life and of further progress towards Deliverance.




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